Sep 6, 2017

We are excited to introduce you to Clap Global!
This is will sound very interesting for all of you'll who are not Indian natives.
Clap Global is a unique cultural exchange platform that enables international travellers to visit local schools and engage in meaningful conversations with students.
Last week, our team-member from Germany seized the opportunity to speak in front of 34 PYP 5 students telling them about her native place, family, and life in Germany.
"It was super easy to create the ppt for my session as a guest speaker and the team from Clap Talk gave me great guidance", says Joanna.
"It was so interesting to see the kids' reactions to my slides. Especially, when I showed them my home their eyes grew big, as most of them are used to staying in Pune which is quite a contrast to the rural town in the south of Germany where I'm from."
If you're a cultural enthusiast from abroad and you want to participate in raising a more understanding and compassionate generation then sign up for free at or write an email to

Sep 4, 2017

Dear followers,
we have recently shifted into our new office!
Now we can be found in Koregaon Park,
North Main Road, Ganga Cascade, between lane 5 and lane 6.
We have moved from our bungalow in Mundhwa to our office space in the heart of KP.
Now we have a brand new and more spacious training room. 🎉
So watch this space for updates on upcoming events, trainings and workshops ☺

Aug 3, 2017

Our friends from LBB, Pune wrote a kick-ass article about The Cultural Centre.
Check it out and share it with your friends :)

Jun 12, 2017

Wow guys!!!!
Last night was lit 💥💣
Thank you all so much for coming, we had an absolute blast from the beginning to the very last minute of the event!
If you clicked any pics, please inbox us :)
Stay tuned for Junkyard Sale Vol.11!

Jun 11, 2017

Vasudha on the guitar and Nida as lead vocals, centre their sound around the Pop and Rock genres of music. The duo has a knack for incorporating their own signature raw style into the songs they perform.
Together, they stir up quite a storm with a large selection of songs, doing what they love most, Performing.


Jun 11, 2017

Shubham Padgilwar is a singer and rhythm guitarist. His bizarre taste in music ranges from spanish pop to bengali folk music. He is also an active instagrammer and regularly covers music that he loves.
Let's vibe with him tonight at the JUNKYARD SALE!!!

Jun 11, 2017

Prithviraj Jadhav is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who is currently a part of multiple projects and bands.
He performs over a variety of genres including Classic Rock, Blues and Hard Rock.

He will be rocking his guitar for us tonight! Don't miss!!!!

Jun 11, 2017

Are you guys ready for some absolutely mind-bending magic???
We got an Urban Shaman performing live magic!!!
After conquering Bombay, they're now taking over Pune.
So come see them tonight at the JUNKYARD SALE!!!

Jun 9, 2017

Mario is the guy behind #bom_garfo's menu.
He came from the Savanna, now he's here in Pune to expand our culinary horizon!
You like french fries?... Bom garfo raises you CASSAVA FRIES... you're life is basically incomplete if you haven't tried em...
and a lot of other exotic treats from Portugal, Brazil and Mozambic which are hard to spell and harder to pronounce.
Come and check it out this sunday at the Junkyard Sale!

Jun 9, 2017

I have a chocolate
I have a Momo
chocolate Momo
Exclusively made by Sneha at the JUNKYARD SALE this sunday!
Try the chocolate Momo and many other variaties.
Sounds yummy Na . Easy pezy steam\fry\shallow, which ever mood you're in.

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